Welcome to the story of Varanashi Concerns and their contribution to organic farming.Varanashi Research Foundation(VRF), Karnataka, India aims at simulating the diversity and eco-friendliness of the natural forests in farming and farm practices. The Research technologies developed in the Foundation, especially on organic farming, are being field-tested at a macro-level in Varanashi Farms(VF), before being advocated for wide-scale adoption. Thus, emphasis on organic farming is attempted in VRF and VF. Varanashi Agro-Sustainable Technology(VAST) Centre, another sister unit attached to the Varanashi Organization, has the responsibility of manufacturing and marketing eco-friendly farm inputs to the farming community.

During the last decade Varanashi Organizations have contributed a great deal towards the promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture. The improvements in the agriculture practices are brought about by recycling agro-wastes, use of bio-control agents, water harvestings and silviculture.

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