Varanashi Organic Manures

VOM is the manufacturer of following products:

  • Varanashi Composter: A mixed microbial culture to produce quality compost. It contains N-fixers, P-solubilizers and Bio-control agents.
  • Varanashi Trijaivika-H: Culture of Trichoderma harzianum to control soil-borne fungal diseases. It also promotes plant growth.
  • Varanashi Trico-Plus: Culture of Trichoderma, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Bacillus subtilis and Bacillus circulans. Ideal for controling soil-borne fungal diseases and spurring plant growth.
  • Varanashi Pepper Bio-Mix: A manure-cum-biocontrol agent especially against quick wilt in black pepper.
  • Varanashi Sasyahar: An organic manure, sterilized and enriched with N-fixers, P-solubilizers and Trichoderma. Ideal for tissue culture plants, anthurium, rose and other ornamental plants.
  • Varanashi Bio-Compost: Organic manure enriched with beneficial microorganisms, ideal for lawns, garden plants and other landscaping work.
  • Varanashi Co-Compost: Composted organic manure-cum-mulch and soil conditioner, mainly for plantation crops.
  • Varanashi Phospho-Compost: Varanashi Co-Compost enriched with extra phosphorus for soils with phosphorus deficiency.
  • Varanashi Agro Mix: A dry organic manure with neem cake, castor cake etc. ideal for all crops.
  • Varanashi nursery : Supply of quality plants like arecanut, coconut, black pepper, grafted pepper, cocoa, ornamental flowers etc.
  • Krishi Mitra Trolley (KMT): An ideal single cycle-wheeled trolley ideal for transportation in the fields. It has revolutionised on-farm transport. Mr. Sameer Rao, an engineer-turned-farmer, is the brain behind it. The trolley can take 100kg weight.