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India is the country of Spices feeding the best quality products to the world. Vanilla though introduced in 1850 in India(earlier than Madagascar) the cultivation did not pick up. In 1990s a set of innovative organic farmers including Varanashi's re-introduced it. Because of the hard work and new invention in the cultivation and processing technology, Indian farmers were able to produce better quality vanilla with higher vanillin content. Thus today Indian vanilla is considered superior.

Vanilla and Varanashi

Varanashi Farms is a certified organic farm. The farm has adopted multiple cropping system, which is more close to nature. Further 30% of the land is maintained as forest. Vanilla is grown under natural shade of coconut, arecanut, glyricidia, casuarina, teak and also different types of forest trees. Compost made from organic inputs by Varanashi method is used as manure source. Vines are nursed with natural sprays like cattle urine, jivamrith and Varanashi Bio-spray (a kind of Compost tea). The birds living in the surrounding forest and on the shade trees do the pest control job. Along with natural systems modern techniques are also adopted in the Varanashi Farms. Compost is prepared based on soil test data. Watering is done using mist / sprinkler irrigation system. These aspects are backed by Varanashi Research Foundation- a Government of India recognized R & D unit. This research unit is promoting organic and sustainable agriculture and is a member of IFOAM.
When vanilla vines bloom after the winter, well-trained female workers do the pollination of limited flowers in a bunch. This helps to get lengthy and robust beans. After 8-9 months of growth fully matured beans are harvested individually which will facilitate to get highest vanillin of best aroma.

Processing and curing of vanilla is the most important part in vanilla production. Varanashi's have improved the Traditional Bourbon method by constant R&D effort. Care is taken at every stage of curing, which lasts for 4 months from harvesting. The whole process is done at the most hygienic condition under the watchful supervision of Dr. (Mrs.) Ashwini Krishna Moorthy, the best vanilla curer in the country. She has received the best Entrepreneur award in 2004.

Best Vanilla from the top people

Dr. Varanashi Krishna Moorthy who looks after the cultivation is the recipient of "Krishi Panditha" a top honour for farming from the Karnataka State Government. He has also received the best organic farmer award. Mr Varanashi Subraya Bhat is the most popular "Varanashi" who established India's biggest Cocoa processing and Chocolate factory through CAMPCO Ltd., a giant co-operative unit of 80,000 farmers founded by him. His son and daughter-in-law, are now poised to make a name in Vanilla another ingredient of original chocolate ("Xocohotyl"). The couple are keen to give good Vanilla to consumers.

Vanilla - available grades

Varanashi Vanilla is available in category 1 to 4; cut and bulk vanilla and also ground vanilla grades as per the ISO 5565-1 specifications. Blemish free extra length beans measuring above 8 inches or 20 cm belong to the super bean category, a speciality product. Varanashi Vanilla contains as high as 2.8% vanillin. Ground Vanilla powder is made from good quality beans. Varanashi's deal with both certified organic and non-certified products but with organic plots which are expected to enter organic certification soon. Varanashi's also supply other organic spices.

Contact for trade enquiry :

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D.K. Karnataka - India
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Tel / Fax: 0091-8255-270686
E-mail: info@varanashi.com
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