Solid and Liquid Waste Recycling

VRF has considerable experience in recycling all types of solid wastes produced in the farm as well as Agro based industries. Expertise is also available for the successful management of liquid wastes like gobar gas slurry and house hold wastes produced in the farming establishments.

Human waste (Night soil) recycling

VRF has made detailed study on utilization of toilet effluent for crop plants. At present 3 toilets are functioning wherein human excreta from regular toilet flows into 3 chambered septic tank, gets digested and distributed into plant basins (cocoa, arecanut, banana and coconut) through a distribution pipeline. The system is easy to handle and does not create pathological problems. In another unit toilet and food waste from a commercial complex having restaurants are connected to a biogas unit to produce energy and nutrient rich liquid manure, which is fed to the plants through the distribution pipelines. There is no manual contact with the waste in this system.

"Swaccha/Clean Adyanadka Movement"

Varanashi's have initiated public awareness movement in December 2003 at Adyanadka to make the public places free from plastic and other garbage. "Sarwajanika Hitharakshana Samithi" has been formed with technical and major financial support from VRF to make Adyanadka clean and beautiful. Thus, Varanashi's are actively participating in the community development.

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