Composting is an ideal method to recycle organic material. It plays an important role in organic farming.

After detailed study of different methods of composting, with several years of experimentation, Varanashi Research Foundation, Adyanadka has developed a new technology named "VRF method of Composting". This method could be adopted to compost any biodegradable organic waste/residue. To enrich the compost, materials like FYM, rock phosphate, cow dung slurry, neem cake, poultry manure etc. are needed. Varanashi Composter a bio-inoculant containing bio-degraders, N-fixers, P-Solubilizers and bio-pesticides is also used @ 1-2 kg per tonne while composting. As an example, three recipes are given below.

Recipes for composting:
Combination I Layer II Layer III Layer IV Layer
1. FYM+Fr.L./Dr.L./Weed plants 250 kg. Fr.L./Dr.L. 0.5 kg.V.C 250 kg.FYM 5 kg.R.P.
2. C.P.+P.M. 250 kg.C.P 0.75 kg.V.C. 125 kg.P.M. Repeat
3. Coffee husk/Coffee fruit skin 250 kg. Coffee husk/Coffee fruit skin 0.5 kg.V.C. 3.75 kg.R.P. Repeat
V.C.- Varanashi Composter.
R.P. - Rock Phosphate(18.20% P2O5).
Dr.L. - Dry Leaves(Pre-wetted)
P.M. - Poultry Manure.
FYM - Farm Yard Manure.
Fr.L. - Forest Leaves.
C.P. - Coir pith.

VRF Composting Methodology
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