VRF & VAST Centre

VAST Centre is involved in manufacturing and marketing eco-friendly farm inputs developed by VRF. The Foundation in addition to product development, also looks after the quality control. VAST Centre is the manufacturer of following products:

  1. Varanashi Composter
  2. Varanashi Trijaivika-H
  3. Varanashi Pepper Bio-Mix
  4. Varanashi Tricho-Plus
  5. Varanashi Sasyahar
  6. Varanashi Co-compost
  7. Varanashi Phospho-compost
  8. Varanashi Agro Mix
  9. Varanashi Bio-spray
  10. Krishi Mitra Trolly(KMT)

Other companies with technical tie-up are manufacturing few of these products
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