Major research achievements
  • Improvement in the cultivation methodology of Oyster Mushroom.
  • Modification and standardization of large-scale production of Beauveria bassiana and Trichoderma sp.
  • Development of an eco-friendly and efficient technology to recycle organic wastes like coir pith, rice mill wastes, cocoa husk, coffee fruit skin, coffee husk, etc. by composting.
  • Formulation and development of VRF method of composting which
    1. Gives higher recovery of nutrients per unit mass of compost produced
    2. Is amenable for multiplication of beneficial organism such as Trichoderma, Azotobacter, P-solublising bacteria, etc.
    3. Is efficient and cost effective.
  • Study on Indian Pill Millipedes
  • Human waste (night soil) recycling through proper distribution system
  • Low cost seasonal barrage construction using sand and plastic sheets
Research work under progress
  • Combating pepper wilt by bio-control measures
  • Standardization and improvements in vanilla cultivation
  • Experiments on improving composting of several agro based by products
  • Bio-control of Koleroga in arecanut
  • Improvements in anaerobic digester for energy and manure
  • Bio-control of black pod in cocoa
  • Mixed cashewnut farming
  • Organic remedy for cashew Tea Mosquito Bag
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Major research achievements
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