Research Advisory Committee

A Research Advisory Committee comprising of following experts give required guidelines from time to time.

1. Mr. K.S.Subaiah, M.Sc.(Ag.)
Former Vice President (R&D),
Pest Control India Ltd.,
Arapattu, Kodagu District.
2. Dr. R.D.Iyer,
Retd. Head,
Division of Crop Improvement
CPCRI, Kasaragod, Kerala.
3. Dr. S.V.Hegde,
Dept. of Agri. Microbiology,
UAS, Bangalore.
4. Dr. Y.R.Sharma,
Director (Retd.),
IISR, Calicut, Kerala.
5. Mr. N.T.Bhat, M.Sc.(Ag.)
Retd. Scientist,
CPCRI, Vittal,
Neerkaje, Dakshina Kannada.
6. Mr. Anand Kumar, M.Tech
Master Plannery,
Puttur, D.K.
7. Dr.D.Purushothaman,
Dept. of Ag.Microbiology,
TNAU Coimbatore.
8.Mr.V.V.Bhat, IAS
Finance Secretory,
Delhi Government,
New Delhi.

In addition to Dr. Varanashi Krishna Moorthy and Dr. Ashwini Krishna Moorthy, a good number of people are working in various capacities.

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